Chopping boards iare one of the most basic equipment used in a kitchen. It is flat, does not break easily and is easy to wash.


Tried to build/design a portable product that can help reduce the waste created and decrease cleaning. Factor one: Having storage to make chopping many vegetable possible. Factor two: Flaps that could help direct the veggies into the vessels 


research and ideation

Diving into research and ideation, realized that the most commonly used item is the chopping board and it has not been redeigned for long. Through research realized that it needs to be more user friendly and easy accesible.



Going off the sketches, built twenty sketch models of the chopping board with the features I was focusing on

Final design

For the final design, shortlisted the two boards with the features I wanted to incorperate in my final design. 

feature 1

The chopping board with storage facility

Feature 2

Chopping board with a flap to direct the veggies into the cooking vessel

Laser printed the final owl design as Owl has the eyes that act as the storage compartments and the wings act as the flaps that direct your veggies into the cooking utensil


Thank you!