The Problem.

Rake is a gradening tool which has not been re-designed for years. This tool requires repeated twisting and bending can result in lower back injuries.  Friction of handle on hands when raking leads to blisters. Over extension of the shoulder muscles can result in tendon inflammation (bursitis or tendonitis)

Our Goal.

 Our team aims to create a more ergonomic rake design. We plan on eliminating the action of bending while raking; resulting in a more enjoyable raking experience for the diverse population


Screenshot 2017-12-03 13.28.37.png


We were a team of four Industrial designers that worked together to re-design the rake



For our primary reserach, we looked at the current market and what tools already exist. We then conducted user testing amongst ourselves and sent out a survey for our classmates

Screenshot 2018-01-23 15.30.53.png
Screenshot 2018-01-23 15.29.25.png


Based on our research we sketched various ideas and decided to "user test" by building "Five" different rake prototypes


User testing

For user testing, we went to savannahs "Forsyth Park". We had every user test all five rakes. We used the method of letting them explore the tool than giving them the guidlines. We got great insights and feedback after user testing.

After user- testing we collected all our data and then found the rakes that worked the best and the ones that did not.


Final Prototype

Our final prototype was the "Extra Joint" rake that was found most comfortable and sturdy enought. It cured the motion of bending whilst raking to a great extend and gave your raking hand a extra grip.

Screenshot 2018-01-23 15.58.16.png


Thank you!