The Problem.

Approximately 60% of travelers are overweight. The biggest cause is not to know how much is required for their trips which leads to stressing and not being able to find the items they have packed

The goal.

Create a bag-tag thats doesn't only help you pack and find your items but also weigh and track your bags during your journey

Tools used.

Sketch, InVision, Principle, Solidworks, Keyshot, Illustrator, Photoshop.


This was my Senior project which lasted for 20 weeks. I had to do the concepting, research, ideation etc. and then jump into the production part. The final product was a 3D printed version of the bag-tag, with a vision video and a working mobile prototype.


identifying the problem + research

People find the process of packing more stressful than the travel itself 



After researching, Ideation is the phase which helped me brainstorm my ideas and come up with a solution.



Targeted different markets and conducted more research, I could immediately see the similar problem spaces.


Hero's Journey

Describes the process of showing how the user can pack with "Stow Bag-tag"



Main Features


App Design

Low Fi Wireframes

A/B Tesing

A/B User Tesing results

Tested two different types of users to get a wide feedback

MID Fi Wireframes

Post user testing: There was a lot of trips which made the app confusing to use therefore divided the features according to each trip.


hi Fi screens

On Boarding:

The on boarding helps the user identify the various features and connects your stow bag-tag to your stow mobile app

profile set up:

Profile set up helps stow provide the user with better packing list. You can add and edit this through the settings tab on your app

add trips:

The add trip feature helps helps the user create separate packing lists for various trips at the same time

main screens:

Once you click into a trip, these tabs help the user through the various features required during the journey


bag-tag design

he Bag-tag is designed to withstand all the tossing, shaking, rattling and crashing the baggage. The shell of the Bag-tag is built from PC-ABS plastic which protects the internal components of the tag. The clamshell construction allows the user replaceable CR2032 battery and a snap fit closer mechanism.The nylon strap can be stretched over to be tied to the suitcase/bag



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