The Problem.

Cramps is a major part of every girl's monthly cycles. The pain caused by it doesn't just affect their mood but makes it difficult for them to do daily activities.

How does "relief" work?

Relief is a device that is connected with your period tracking app which calms your cramps when in contact with your body. It can be adjusted manually through the device or through the app.


Sketch, InVision, Principle, Illustrator, Solidworks, keyshot



Started with re-designing a period tracker app called "My Cycles". Added a new settings page + a device that monitors your cramps and regulates it by vibrations.


Low-Fi Wireframes

Changing the home screen by making it more userfriendly and adding the RELIEF DEVICE feature where the vibration levels and can view the future cramps graph 


Mid-fi wireframes + A/b testing

Screenshot 2018-01-20 17.16.15.png


The App

Through the app the user can adjust the vibrations and view the the predicted cramps


Plug-in Period data

Period data put in.gif

Adjusting Relief device Vibrations 


Relief Device

RELIEF is the device connected with your "my cycles" app

The device can be attached to your clothing and when in contact with your body will emit vibrations to relieve you from your period cramps.

Thank You