The Problem.

Current helmets are designed to be bulky and inconvenient for the rider. Therefore, bikers have developed an attitude that neglects their own safety.

The goal.

Create a connected bike lock within a collapsible helmet to incentive bikers to think about their safety.


Sketch, InVision, Principle, Solidworks,

Keyshot, Illustrator, Photoshop.

What I did?

UI/UX design, Research, Interviewing,

User testing, Prototyping the helock.


Identifying the problem + research


People are more willing to invest more in their bike than themselves. We are taking that in mind and incorporating a "bike lock" within a "collapsible helmet"

Affinity Mapping

As we started to ideate on our ideas we began taking our research and affinity map to find the high points and low points of bike safety gear.



We targeted different markets and conducted more research, we could immediately see the similar problem spaces.

Journey map



How Does Vigil work?


App design

Low- Fi wireframes

We went ahead and did A/B Testing.

Mid- Fi wireframe

During the Mid-fi, we tried to work on the hamburger menu and make it user friendly


Hi-Fi Screens

On Boarding:

The on boarding helps you understand how Vigil works and helps you connect your Helock with your Vigil app

Keyless Entry & Theft alerts:

Unlock your Vigil Helock with a simple fingerprint.

Bike with:

You can now bike with your friend. Just send a request and Vigil will send " Midpoint Destination" and bike safely with them.

Prototyped Vigil app on Invision and then Principles

HELMET design

Collapsible helmet whose chain straps serve as bike lock 


The Vigil Helock has been designed to be keep your bike safe and avoid you from carrying a bulky helmet around.

Screenshot 2018-01-20 20.23.50.png
Screenshot 2018-01-22 09.44.44.png
Screenshot 2018-01-22 09.51.23.png

thank you!