The problem.

Getting around an open campus in a small town with scarce public transport can be rather challenging when you don't own a car.

Our Goal.

Flyte is a transportation app built in response to this problem most college student face. It assists "SCAD bees" to fly around Savannah with ease, and the way that suits them the most by tracking vehicles, reserving rides and checking routes.

What I did?

UI design, Reserach and User testing.

FLYTE - Go Team Process book_Page_16.jpg


For our proposal we tried to focus on designing an interface/ app to make traveling around at SCAD easier and coustimizable 

FLYTE - Go Team Process book_Page_03.jpg

 Research + Wire-framing

We went ahead and did a lot of field research near the freshmen housing to see how the bikeshare and beeline was utilized. We then created a low-fi in Adobe XD and craeted personas and journey map on the basis of that.



We have designed a concept transportation application for SCAD students to be able that promotes safety, connect with students and travel around campus easy.


Thank You!