The problem.

Solving the Problem of not having a warm meal for College students and the working class. People who have long working hours, pulling all nighters, gained freshmen fifteen and are trying to eat healthy.

The goal.

Planning to make a portable food storage device that would reach out internationally too and help people eat a fresh and warm meal everyday.

Final lunch box renderings.899.jpg


To understand the main problem, started by looking into the current products already available in the market. Analyzed their cost, material, durability and features.


Existing product analysis

After shortlisting the competitive products, I picked the best product and analyzed its functions and features. Conducted an experiment to see the reliability of the product. 


Through the experiment, realized that the product was very bulky, clumsy, did not heat the food in the required amount of time



Conducted surveys and interviews to ridentify the importance of the issue and be able to design a product to solve the problem of not being able to have a warm home cooked meal at your workplace or university.

2D sketches

Sketched ideas to understand the ergonomics and how to make this box more user friendly and decide what features can be incorperated

Concept renderings

Concept renderings were to finalize the shape and functions of the lunch box

Screenshot 2018-01-25 16.33.52.png

Final design

Collapsible lunch box which can be pre-heated to keeps your food warm.It has a on/off switch with the heat regulator to adjust the temperatures. If a lot of food then open the box and if not then collapse it to save space in your bag.

Screenshot 2018-01-25 16.50.16.png

Thank you!