Industrial design



Collapsible lunch box which can be pre-heated to keeps your food warm.It has a on/off switch with the heat regulator to adjust the temperatures. If a lot of food then open the box and if not then collapse it to save space in your bag.

ergonomic rake

Through conducting contextual research and a series of user testing phases, our team created a more ergonomic rake design. This design is visually appealing and eliminates the action of bending while raking; resulting in a more enjoyable raking experience for the diverse population.


Splashlight is a new way of using a flashlight. It has been designed in the shape of a shark + whale. The playful fins give more hand grip for the user to hold onto the body and the lose tail can we used as a key chain. This targets the children market and people willing buy a fun product.

owl board

Laser cut/ printed an owl shaped chopping board. The eyes of the owl act like storage compartments where the chopped vegetable and fall into and the wings are there to direct the vegetable into the vessel while cooking to reduce cleaning and save time.